production businesses and non-industrial companies of SCM Group are based in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts in government-controlled areas*

60 000

employees are working at the SCM Group businesses located in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts in government-controlled areas*


settlements in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts get help from SCM Group for restoring damaged infrastructure

* Since 15 March 2017, SCM Group has not been controlling its assets based in temporarily non-government controlled areas in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (NGCA). More


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  • Ihor Maslov, Electricity Distribution and Sale Director of DTEK Energy
    Rinat Akhmetov has tasked DTEK power engineers to do their utmost to avoid the humanitarian catastrophe in the de-energised Adviivka and the neighboring villages. Our mobile teams of power engineers are on round-the-clock duty.
    They are ready to start repair works as soon as the fighting is over and a “green corridor is provided”.
  • Yuriy Ryzhenkov, Metinvest Group’s CEO
    We hope that all parties will immediately sit down to talk to prevent the disaster
    Our colleagues in Avdiivka make heroic efforts to deal with the situation. However, our efforts alone without an agreement with the parties involved in the military conflict are not sufficient to address the issue. Therefore, we hope that all parties will immediately sit down to talk to prevent the disaster. Employees of other Metinvest Group’s enterprises do not stay indifferent to what is happening in Avdiivka. Crisis centres have been established at enterprises in Zaporizhya, Kryviy Rih and Mariupol to help Avdiivka. The efforts are now focused on finding power generators, tents and heating equipment to help people in Avdiivka survive the potential heating disruption. More
  • Dmytro Sakharuk, Head of DTEK’s Anti-Crisis Centre
    Now DTEK power engineers have to work and live in very complicated conditions
    They keep on mitigating consequences of bombardment of Luhanska TPP despite all hazards. This DTEK's power plant in Schastia town has remained the only source of electricity for the northern part of Luhansk Oblast. Thanks to DTEK's power engineers, one million of Luhansk Oblast residents have electricity, hundreds of companies keep operating and life goes on. I would like people to remember the deeds of energy workers every time they switch on the lights and turn on the hot water taps in their homes.
  • Musa Magomedov, General Director of Avdiivka Coke (AKHZ)
    Our goal is to bring the town back to life
    When the first shells landed on Avdiivka, Metinvest’s shareholder Rinat Akhmetov set us a goal to help the town cope with the disaster and bring it back to life. We started working without waiting for peace. We dealt with our financial problems, a shortage of contractors and problems with materials delivery to the town. But most importantly, we coped with the feeling of powerlessness within us. Today children’s laughter is heard in Avdiivka schools and kindergartens again and thousands of local residents are coming back to their warm apartments. This is what makes us continue to work.
  • HarvEast CEO Dmytro Skorniakov
    2015 has been an ordeal for everyone. The company and our employees have endured the challenges. The situation in the eastern Ukraine made us change production processes and do seasonal agricultural works in a severe or sometimes even hazardous environment.
  • Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations
    The efforts of workers of Avdiivka Coke and Chemicals Plant to sustain the facility is an example of "the Ukrainian spirit" during the war
    In a single attack by combined Russian-separatist forces on May 24th, 70 projectiles hit the factory. But the workers managed to keep the plant running, suspending operations only briefly. Some workers manned their posts right through the mortar and rocket attacks.
  • Maxim Timchenko, DTEK’s CEO
    Responsibility for the nation's energy security
    Hostilities in Donbas claimed lives of 49 DTEK employees. Our power engineers and miners had to work under near-fatal conditions. But we have returned electricity to 1.5 million Donbas residents and continued operating our thermal power plants and coal mines, maintaining the reliability of power units and extracting millions of tonnes of coal.


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