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Corum Group is an expert in mining business. The company offers hi-tech integrated solutions, produces and maintains equipment used in mining, processing and transportation of mineral resources as well as designs and builds mines and other infrastructure facilities.

Current status

  • Corum Group’s two plants – Corum Donetskhirmash and Corum Horlivka Heavy Engineering Plant – were captured in August 2014. Corum Donetsky Energozavod was seized in December 2014. Since then the company has not controlled these production sites.
  • The company managed to evacuate some equipment and component parts from Corum Horlivka Heavy Engineering Plant used today at alternative assembly sites of Corum Svitlo Shakhtaria in Kharkiv, Corum Kryvyi Rih Mining Equipment Repair Plant and in assembly production in Druzhkivka.
  • Corum Druzhkovka Heavy Engineering Plant* located in Druzhkovka Donetsk oblast operates as normal.

*As of October 2016, Corum Druzhkovka Heavy Engineering Plant operates as normal. The plant has not been damaged by the hostilities in Donbas and therefore we provide no detailed information about them here.


With the rising tension in Donbas Corum has always responded quickly to any changes in the situation as safety of people is of the utmost importance. As the situation aggravated making it impossible to continue operations in Donetsk and Horlivka, the company organized offices and production sites in Kryvyi Rih, Kharkiv and Druzhkivka using production premises of its local plants. In August 2014, Corum launched its headquarters in Kyiv. It also helped the staff and their families to move to new locations and covered their accommodation costs.

Corum Group website

 Last updated: October 2017

CORUM GROUP production companies in Donbas

Corum Donetskgirmash

Corum Donetsky Energozavod

Corum Horlivka Heavy Engineering Plant