SCM Group’s businesses have been shelled regularly since the fighting broke out in Donbas in June 2014. The hostilities substantially damage buildings, equipment and infrastructure and also obstruct deliveries of raw materials and shipments of finished products. Moreover, some of our businesses had to suspend operations. Yet we continue to do everything we can to maintain our businesses and ensure their normal operation.

The scale of the damage caused to our businesses is huge. Facts, events and stories of destruction are sadly numerous, so we decided to consolidate the information and launch a website “SCM Group businesses in Donbas. Current status”. We will use it to quickly update on the current status of our production plants and non-industrial companies based in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Particularly, the website will indicate the businesses operating as normal and those that had to suspend operations. We will show what, how and when we restored, how we are helping to rebuild towns damaged by the hostilities. Every user in fact will be able to follow our businesses online. Why are we doing it? Since the inception of SCM in 2000, we have invested tens of billions of hryvnias in Donbas and Ukraine. We understand that continuous operations of businesses mean modern jobs, good salaries, taxes and welfare of Donbas and Ukraine. Therefore, we at SCM Group will continue to work and restore!