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Lemtrans is Ukraine’s biggest private freight forwarding company that offers the full gamut of rail freight transport services.

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Current status

Over the time of hostilities in Donbas some of Lemtrans rolling stock fleet has been blocked in the conflict zone. As of January 2017, 89 open wagons owned by Lemtrans are blocked in the conflict zone.

The wagon depot in Volnovakha (Donetsk Oblast) operates as per normal and continues to provide rolling stock repair services. 100% employees of depot in Volnovakha take part in operations of the company.

In June 2014, the headquarters of Lemtrans moved to Dnipropetrovsk and in July 2015 – partially to Kyiv. The company helped its employees and their families to move to new locations and covered accommodation costs.


All staff of Lemtrans employed in Donetsk Oblast is paid full salaries according to the Ukrainian laws.

Over the time of hostilities in Donbas 258 open wagons owned by Lemtrans have been damaged with 35 of them being beyond repair.

Last updated: January 2016