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METINVEST is an international vertically integrated mining and steel group of companies (the Group) that manages every link in the value creation chain – from producing coal and iron ore to making semi-finished and finished steel products. The Group includes mining and steel companies located in Ukraine, Europe and the United States with a sales network covering all key global markets.

On 15 March 2017, Metinvest lost control over its assets based in the non-government controlled areas of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (NGCAs), namely:

Yenakiieve Steel Plant (including its Makiivka-based arm, Makiivka Steel Plant), Yenakiieve Koksokhimprom, Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant, Komsomolske Flux, Krasnodonvuhillia, Donetskkoks, and Metalen Ukrainian-Swiss joint company.

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As of October 2017, Metinvest operates six businesses in the government-controlled areas of Donetsk Oblast:

  • Donetsk Oblast:
    • Azovstal Iron and Steel Works, Illich Iron and Steel Works, Metinvest-PromService*, Metinvest Mechanical Repair Works* (Mariupol)
    • Avdiivka Coke (Avdiivka)
    • Incor&Co (Toretsk, Novhorodske)

*As of October 2017, Metinvest PromService and Metinvest Mechanical Repair Works operate as normal. The companies have not been damaged by the hostilities in Donbas and therefore we provide no detailed information about them here.

They helped to rebuild the infrastructure of Mariupol:

  • In August and September 2015, Metinvest PromService helped residents of Sartana and Talakivka settlements whose houses were damaged by shelling of the Mariupol suburbs: the company reconstructed 19 residential houses in Sartana and installed double-glazed windows at Talakivka-based school No.58.
  • Metinvest Mechanical Repair Works has helped to restore the Skhidny district of Mariupol that came under shelling on 24 January 2015.


 Last updated: October 2017

History of Damages and Repairs

Metinvest businesses in Donbas


Illich Iron and Steel Works

Avdiivka Coke (AKHZ)


Yenakiieve Steel (YeMZ)

Komsomolske Ore Mining (KRU)

Khartsyzk Pipe (KhTZ)

Krasnodonvuhillia coal company