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(information is constantly being updated – 20:00)

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Updated information is below:
Seven mobile teams of power engineers are on round- the-clock duty. They are ready to start repair works as soon as the fighting is over and a “green corridor” is provided.

The situation in Avdiivka has not changed. The “green corridor” time expired an hour ago. DTEK and Avdiivka Coke teams of power engineers have returned to the plant. Unfortunately, they could not find the damaged power lines. We will have to ask for a “green corridor” once again.

The peace and quiet order is still in place. DTEK power engineers are inspecting the site with the damaged power lines. The town is restoring important infrastructure facilities that have been badly damaged.

Press briefing on the humanitarian situation in the conflict zone has taken place in Kyiv: It was attended by Rimma Fil, coordinator of the Humanitarian Center, Avdiivka Coke CEO Musa Magomedov (via Skype) and Ihor Maslov, Electricity Distribution and Sale Director of DTEK Energy.

According to Pavlo Zhebrivsky, Joint Centre for Control and Coordination has guaranteed to observe the ceasefire. Repair teams on both sides of the contact line have left to inspect the damaged power lines. They will inspect the site to define the scope of works.

Brief overview of the situation:
1. Avdiivka is still cut off from power and water supplies, but the heating is back on. The plant is still operational but it has switched to natural gas. Two of four shops have been hot mothballed. The plant is operating at 20% of its capacity.
3. The only railway line for delivery of raw materials to the plant has been damaged.  We hope it will be restored soon.
4. There are repeated violations of the ceasefire. We have not yet received the confirmation to start repairs of the power lines.
5. The town has opened heat shelters (three stationary and eight mobile shelters) and field kitchens. Trucks with humanitarian aid keep coming to the town.
We are holding up.