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Incor&Co is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of naphthalene, phenol and cresol products.

Incor&Co is based in Novhorodske, Dzerzhinsk, Donetsk Oblast.

Current status

As of October 2017, Incor&Co operates as normal. The plant has resumed phenol production and utilises 62.7% of its production capacity.


On average, 100% of staff worked at Incor&Co in September 2017.

Capacity utilization

In September 2017, the naphthalene production target was met by 80.4%.

The equipment has not been damaged. However, the shelling severely damaged a dam on the sludge dump. Currently, repair works are not possible because of the situation in the non-government controlled areas.

The settlement has not been damaged significantly. Yet, in 2014-2015, several residential buildings of Novhorodske suffered minor damage by shelling. One of the houses is beyond repairs. Jointly with the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center “Aid+Help”, Incor&Co provided more than UAH 120,000 to purchase building materials and repair damaged houses of staff and retired employees. The employee, whose house had been completely destroyed, received funds to buy a new house.

Also, the plant provided UAH 70,000 to Novhorodske Community charity organisation to buy building materials and repair damaged houses of locals and UAH 200,000 to a dedicated fund to rebuild residential houses in Toretsk that were damaged by shells in 2014-2015.

In February 2016, the settlement launched the next stage of a long-term project, Water as a Source of Life. Thanks to the cooperation of Metinvest Group’s Incor&Co, the Novhorodske community council and the UN Refugee Agency, the settlement has an independent source of water supply, and 5,000 residents of Petrovskaya Hill have a better access to drinking water.

In April 2016, the children’s creativity studio was re-opened where Incor&Co helped repair windows. Today, more than 60 young locals can study in a comfortable environment.

In September 2016, Hora sports complex was re-opened where the company allocated UAH 1.5 million for restoration works. Local residents can work out and play sports in a comfortable environment of the well-equipped modern gym.

With the support of the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center “Aid+Help”, Inkor&Co channelled around UAH 26,000 to buy building materials and repair its employee’s house that was damaged by the shelling in November 2016.

 Last updated: October 2017.