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Illich Iron and Steel Works



Illich Iron and Steel Works is one of the largest Ukrainian steel companies with a full production cycle from sinter to steel, high-quality flat products, sections and shapes. It comprises the biggest European sinter plant (12 sinter machines).

Illich Iron and Steel Works website 

Illich Iron and Steel Works is based in Mariupol, Donetsk Oblast.

Current status

The plant operated as usual as of October 2017.


On average, 99.9% of staff worked at Illich Iron and Steel Works in September 2017.

Capacity utilization

In September 2017, the plant produced 100% of the planned steel output.

Illich Iron and Steel Works has not been damaged seriously by the hostilities. The biggest challenge for the plant was the termination of railway service on a route via Yasynuvata station that had been traditionally used to deliver raw materials and ship finished products.

The Group had to supply raw materials to Mariupol-based Azovstal and Illich Iron and Steel Works through seaports because of low traffic capacity of Polohy — Komysh-Zoria — Volnovakha railway section and the shortage of locomotive fleet. This solution is not so effective, more costly than direct rail supplies and requires high raw materials stocks in the supply chain. The restriction does not allow boosting the utilisation rate of Mariupol-based steel plants to produce 23,000-25,000 tonnes of pig iron per day as scheduled.

Illich Iron and Steel Works jointly with Azovstal was helping to restore Skhidny district of Mariupol that came under shelling on 24 January 2015. The plant focused on rebuilding social infrastructure, such as residential buildings, schools and kindergartens. More than ten construction and repair teams from Illich Iron and Steel Works worked in the Skhidny district every day. They used over 5,000 sq m of glass to glaze about 830 apartments, repaired about 30 private houses, renovated secondary schools No.57 and No.5 and kindergartens No.47, No.165 and No.160. The plant has spent about UAH 7.67 million to reconstruct Skhidny district.

Mariupol-based Illich Iron and Steel Works and Azovstal helped rebuild the railway bridge over the Kalchyk River between Sartana and Mariupol stations, which was blown up in a terrorist attack in December 2014. The restored facility was commissioned on 19 November 2015. Ukrzaliznytsia started using its two railway lines for passenger and freight traffic. Metinvest finished the bridge reconstruction on 20 October 2015, committing UAH 16 million to this end.

Also, the plant’s employees restored houses in Sartana village damaged by shells on the night of 16-17 August 2015. They were the first to support the village and help locals to live through the tragedy. In Sartana, Metinvest Group rebuilt 124 homes by repairing jambs, plastering walls, reconstructing roofs, etc. Every day the repair crews used ten units of maintenance equipment. Employees of Illich Iron and Steel Works produced and installed about 150 plastic steel windows and doors, as well as glazed wooden windows in 84 houses. Illich Steel spent about UAH 1.62 million on rebuilding efforts.

In addition, Illich Iron and Steel Works helped repair 56 buildings affected by shelling in Sartana on 3-4 January 2017. For damage mitigation, the company provided 15 coils of roof felt, 400 sq m of glass, 60 sq m of profiled sheet, wooden beams and bricks. During three days, 98 specialists of the works glazed windows in 48 houses, replaced damaged roofs and eliminated all critical damages.

 Last updated: October 2017.