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DTEK Myronivska Thermal Power Plant Donetskoblenergo


Mironovskaya TES

Myronivska TPP is a structural unit of DTEK Donetskoblenergo power generating company.

Myronivska TPP is based in Myronivske settlement, Donetsk Oblast.

Current status

As of October 2017, DTEK Myronivska TPP had provided electricity to Ukraine’s power grid as scheduled. The average load was 73.4 MW against 115 MW, the capacity of generating facilities at the plant.


On average 89% of employees were engaged in the company’s operations in September 2017.

Capacity utilization

In September 2017, the installed capacity utilization factor was 63.6%.

In January 2015, Myronivska TPP came under fire that seriously damaged its buildings, facilities and equipment. Shells destroyed the roof of the boiler room, broke windows of the machinery room, damaged fuel oil tanks and a unit transformer. Also, the entrance checkpoint and the guard post were destroyed, windows of the canteen completely broken, outgoing high-voltage transmission lines damaged.

The company has partially restored the core equipment needed to put the plant back in operation. Repairs are still underway.

Myronivska TPP has re-established electricity supply in the settlement, restored dozens of damaged overhead lines and utilities (water and heat supply). The plant’s employees helped to clear the rubble of destroyed buildings.

Last updated: October 2017