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The shelling of Avdiivka has also affected Mariupol. Today we have received one coke supply from Adviivka Coke. We are still waiting for another supply from Toretsk. So far, we have been able to help Ilyich Iron and Steel Works and maintain the fuel reserves. They will be enough for one or two days in case of full termination of supplies.

There is one more news. Blast furnace №6 was put into operation just several hours ago. Still, we have to interrupt production constantly because of disruptions of raw materials supplies.  Only four blast furnaces are in operation, but their capacity is low. The situation will be stable as long as we get coke from Avdiivka. Today Avdiivka Coke has not been reconnected to the power supply because of constant shelling. This means that Mariupol steel mills are still in danger.