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Business: Metinvest
Enterprise: Avdiivka Coke

Avdiivka town is cut off from electricity following the hostilities that broke out on 29 January. All AKHZ power supply  inputs were damaged on the night of 30 January. As a result Avdiivka Coke Plant is fully cut off from power. So far, two of four shops have been mothballed. Avdiivka is on the brink of catastrophe as the plant supplies water and heating to the town.
Musa Magomedov and AKHZ employees are doing everything they can to save the plant and the town.

—- all events ——

We generated power and supplied heating to the town using coke gas till morning. Now we are waiting for the supply of natural gas.
The peace and quiet order is expected to take place from 10 am for us to restore the power lines. However, we observe growing hostilities and tensions and several shells have hit the town.

We are getting ready for the supplies of natural gas to maintain coke batteries and supply heating to the residential areas. The town remained under shell fire all night long.

30.01 | 23:59
The plant is trying to survive the lack of natural gas and continues to generate electricity and provide heating to Avdiivka until morning.
Сoke shops #3 and #4 have been mothballed. Still, the plant needs plenty of natural gas to maintain the right temperature of coke batteries and provide heating to the town.
As it was in February 2014, AKHZ needs about 18,000 cu m of natural gas per hour to save the town and the plant and prevent humanitarian and environmental disaster.

30.01 | 23:40
Two of four shops have been mothballed. The plant will be able to generate electricity until morning. Currently, we are looking for the required volume of natural gas. The town is freezing up.

30.01 | 18:42
The only operating power supply input has been damaged. As a result Avdiivka Coke Plant is fully cut off from power. #Avdiivka  town has been de-energised for more than 24 hours.

29.01 | 14:06
Avdiivka has been cut off from electricity as a result of hostilities. AKHZ is operating one of four power supply inputs.

Source: Metinvets’s FB page